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Malta Pickleball was founded in 2019 by Steffi Pace Girard, the pioneer of Pickleball in Malta. Pickleball is a paddle sport created for all ages and skill levels. The rules are simple and the game is easy for beginners to learn, but can develop into a quick, fast-paced, competitive game for experienced players.


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Both the 19+ and the 50+ Malta Pickleball teams, placed first in their respective International event held at De La Salle College, Malta.

The Malta Teams beat teams from UK, Italy, Canada and Hungary with some of the encounters being very balanced.

19+ TEAM: 

Steffi Pace Girard, Roberta Pace Girard, Maja Glumac, Kristine Micallef Ampong, Maurizio Cappello, Mark Anastasi, Joseph Allis & Malcolm Falzon

50+ TEAM:

Christine Muscat, Nathalie Bonello, Tania Cluett, Rachelle Spiteri, Karl Falzon, Victor Sciberras, Guido Pace & Ray Grixti 


Net News

Four Gold medals for the Malta Pickleball team at The Frankfurt International Tournament

On the 16th & 17th March 2024, The Malta Pickleball team participated in the Frankfurt International tournament.

The Malta team came home with four gold medals: 

Level 5.0 Ladies Doubles: Steffi Pace Girard & Roberta Pace Girard

Level 4.0 Mixed Doubles: Steffi Pace Girard & Maurizio Cappello

Level 3.5 Men’s Doubles: Maurizio Cappello & Victor Sciberras

50+ Mixed Doubles: Karl Falzon & Roberta Pace Girard

Malcolm Falzon & Karl Falzon were very close to winning a bronze medal when they lost 15-12 in the deciding encounter


Net News

Great results for The Malta Pickleball team at the European Championships held in Rota

Steffi Pace and Roberta Girard won gold in ladies doubles level 4.0. Tania Cluett and Maja Glumac, also won gold in level 3.5 mixed doubles 50+ and singles 19+ respectively.

Steffi Pace won silver in mixed doubles level 4.0. Roberta Girard and Maurizo Cappello won silver in 19+ mixed doubles level 3.5. Maja Glumac also won a silver medal in the ladies doubles level 3.5

Positive results also from Malcolm Falzon in his singles 19+ level 3.5 event who lost in the semi-finals 14-16. He then had an unfortunate defeat where he lost 13-15 in the bronze medal match.  Tania Cluett and Nathalie Bonello were also closely defeated 13-15 in their bronze medal match in their ladies doubles 50+ level 3.5.


Steffi Pace, Roberta Girard, Maja Glumac, Nathalie Bonello, Tania Cluett


Maurizio Cappello, Malcolm Falzon, Joseph Borg


Sports Desk Article

Malta pickleball team brings home GOLD

The Malta Pickleball team won four gold medals at the Rome Pickleball Championships held at New Country Club Frascati last weekend. The team was spearheaded by Steffi Pace who brought the sport to Malta in August 2018.

Malta sent a team to represent both men and women, bringing home four gold medals, two silver, and another two bronze.

In the women’s advanced level, Maja Glumac came out on top as Pace and Roberta Girard took the women’s doubles. In the mixed doubles, Malcolm Falzon took the final gold medal.

In the men’s intermediate doubles, Malcolm Falzon and Joseph Borg took silver, while in the advanced mixed doubles Mark Anastasi and Glumac won bronze.

This was Malta Pickleball’s second International tournament. In September 2021, they participated in the Spanish pickleball championships in Madrid where they brought back two silver medals in Advanced level women’s doubles (Pace and Girard) and two bronze medals in Intermediate level men’s doubles (Anastasi and Tony Thompson).

WOMEN’S TEAM: Steffi Pace, Roberta Girard, Maja Glumac

MEN’S TEAM: Mark Anastasi, Malcolm Falzon, Joseph Borg


4 GOLD MEDALS: 1 in ladies singles Advanced level (Maja Glumac), 2 in ladies doubles Advanced level (Steffi Pace and Roberta Girard), and 1 in mixed doubles Intermediate level (Malcolm Falzon).

2 SILVER MEDALS: men’s doubles Intermediate level (Malcolm Falzon and Joseph Borg)

2 BRONZE MEDALS: mixed doubles Advanced level (Mark Anastasi and Maja Glumac)

Sports Desk Article

Malta pickleball team brings home silver, bronze in Spanish Open

Malta’s first-ever pickleball team had a near-perfect start to their international commitments as they won silver in the ladies’ doubles, and bronze in the men’s doubles over the weekend at the Spanish Open.

Steffi Pace, who spearheaded the group and was part of the ladies duo had told the Times of Malta ahead of the tournament that the side’s expectations were not set high, however, such a result will definitely be a shot in the arm for future competitions.

While Malta won bronze and Silver, they also went close in the mixed doubles as Pace and Malcolm Falzon reached the quarter-finals.


Men’s Doubles Intermediate level Mark Anastasi and Tony Thompson – BRONZE MEDAL

Ladies Doubles Advanced level Steffi Pace and Roberta Girard – SILVER MEDAL 

Mixed Doubles Advanced level Steffi Pace and Malcolm Falzon – Quarter-finals 

Lovin Malta Article

Pickleball Xiex?

Trust us, we had the same reaction. We recently discovered that pickleball is an actual sport and it’s just made it’s way to Malta! Part-badminton, part-traditional tennis meets table tennis, pickleball is played on a badminton-sized court by 2 or 4 players using solid wooden paddles or composite materials to hit a perforated polymer ball over a (slightly lower) tennis net.

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